Technical Specs

The SaiFluoro series PFPE oils (SFL-60, SFL-150, SFL-220 and SFL-460) are long-lasting, saturated fluoropolymers containing only carbon, oxygen, and fluorine. These oils are clear, colorless, fluids that are inert (i.e. non-reactive), non-flammable, and safe in chemical and oxygen service. SFL oils can be used on components that may meet all chemicals, including acids, bases, solvents, and other reactive chemicals. Typical applications include, bearings, instruments, oxygen systems, seal barrier fluids, and valves. PFPE oils are widely used in aerospace, automobile, chemical, dyeing industries, electronic, machinery, military, and textiles (Note: Product numbers are approximately ISO Grades).

PFPE Greases
All standard grades of grease are PFPE thickened with a fluorotelomer (PTFE). PFPE G-60, G-150, G-220, and G-460 are white in appearance and smooth with the properties similar to the PFPE SFL-series oils from which they are made.

The EP series (standard grade + EP) are black greases that contain an extreme-pressure additive for heavily-loaded gears and bearings.

The RP series (standard grade + RP) are anti-corrosion fortified, white greases. These grades provide rust protection at ambient temperatures, corrosion protection at high temperatures, as well as anti-wear protection.

Customization Grades
The following table lists our standard grades.  Customization to your unique specifications may be available. Please contact us on your specific needs.

PFPE Oils and GreasesMethodSaiFluoro Typical PropertiesSaiFluoro Typical PropertiesSaiFluoro Typical PropertiesSaiFluoro Typical Properties
PFPE Oil Grades (Gr.) SFL-60SFL-150SFL-220SFL-460
Standard Grease Gr. G-60G-150G-220G-460
EP Grease Gr. G-60EPG-150EPG-220EPG-460EP
Anti-Corrosion Grease Gr. G-60RPG-150RPG-220RPG-460RP
Nominal Temperature Range (°C) -50 to 180-37 to 200-36 to 260-30 to 288
Kinematic Viscosity (cSt)D445
Viscosity IndexD227099125132144
Pour Point (°C)D97-50-37-36-30
Evaporation Loss (22 hrs, % loss)D2595
120°CD259531Less than 1
204°CD25957Less than 3Less than 1
Density (g/ml) at 0°C 1.931.941.951.95